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When purchasing a property in Turkey there are of course a number of fees involved, below is a summary of the costs incurred.

 Initial Outlay

  • Translation of Passport at the Notary Office: £40 Per passport
  • Notary Costs for Power of Attorney: £100
  • Government Mapping Fee for Military Clearance: £500

Final Stage Costs

  • Purchase Tax: 4% of purchase price
  • Duty Tax/Fixed Tax to the Deeds Office: £65
  • DASK (Compulsory Government Insurance): £90-£150 (Depends on size of property)
  • Utilities (Changing utilities in to your name): £80-£180
  • Estate Agent Fee: Normally 3% of the purchase

Additional costs to consider

  • Private Insurance (Buildings & Contents) Approx. £150
  • Annual Maintenance charge as set by the builder/committee

Approximate annual ongoing payments

  • Council Rates & Property Taxes: £150-£200
  • DASK ( Compulsory Government Building insurance): £ 90-£150 (Depends on Size of property)
  • Electricity/Gas & Water - Dependent on personal consumption

*All the above costs are for guidance purposes only and are subject to change as set by the government
Some of our builders offer incentives towards the purchase costs. A free quotation on the property of your choice can be provided at your request.

We recommend that you use a solicitor for your purchase here in Turkey.  The cost is generally 1% of the purchase price subject to a minimum of £500 & Maximum £1000.
The solicitors will provide the following services:

  • Search on the property: (Searching at Deeds (Tapu) Office for any loan/debt on the property.
  • Drafting the contract,
  • That contract legally binds both parties especially for the money obligations. It also identifies the property and any other inclusions such as land/furnishings. The contract is not the final contract to have the legal ownership of the property. The legal ownership of the property can only be transferred into non-Turkish nationals after Military Clearance has been obtained.
  • Obtaining for tax number, (If you do not have one)
  • It is a legal requirement to have a tax number when purchasing a property in Turkey.
  • Obtaining the military clearance, which is required under Turkish Law for all non Turkish Citizens.
  • This involves obtaining Passport Translations at the Notary office, Copy of the Deeds (TAPU) of the property and two different plans of the property which then have to be sent to The Aegean Army Zone. The Army searches if the property has been located in a military forbidden zone or any historical/environmental protected zone or not. Military Clearance takes a minimum of 6 weeks after application. Once the Military Clearance has been granted, the ownership of the new property can be finalised and transferred into the buyer’s name at the title deeds office.
  • Payments to the landlord, (If required)
  • Final deeds transfer and related administration

Mortgages are now available in Turkey , For more information please contact us